150 In The Hand is Worth

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Yesterday, Tyler and I (David Simpson) had a good day fly fishing. We arrived at our destination at 7:45am and the weather was perfect. It had rained the night before but the creek was up just a little and gin clear. Comparatively the day seemed to start out a little slow with just 16 trout (Specks & Rainbows) in the first 3 hours. But things were about to change. The sun was making its way through the trees to the creek and the trout began actively feeding.

This head water creek is a tight, lush, small creek with over hanging trees, laurel and rhododendron. Our casting skills are tested with micro roll cast, bow & arrow cast and little short punch cast. The creek is made up of riffles, pocket water and pools. Most of the trout were in the pools, from the tail to the head of every pool was full of specks and a few rainbows. The pools below the waterfalls and cascades were exceptionally good. In the next few hours our trout count was up to over 60 in hand. That would be a good day fishing, if this was any other trip. Last year Tyler and I had caught and released over 100 trout on 2 different fly fishing trips. This day was going to be one of those incredible days.

Around 5:00pm we had fished our way into the middle of a Gorge and the only way out was to fish our way out. After climbing up water falls, weaving our way through thick rhododendron and rock hopping all day, we were tired and hungry. At this point we have been fishing for 9 hours with only water breaks (no food at all). The trout were mostly 6-7 inch specks and the occasional rainbow. Our biggest speck was around 10 inches long, fat and a huge mouth. The smallest was a 2 inch yearling. The fly was bigger than his head, I don't know how he got the hook in his mouth. Tyler did catch a rainbow that was 10 inches, which took him upstream. We thought it was a monster because it pulled so hard. We would have the occasional bigger fish but the quantity is the story. At one particular pool we caught 8 specks within 3 minutes and at the next pool we didn't catch any. We wade up to this nice pool and think that its full of trout or a monster trout is going to blown up on our fly. But nothing is happens! That's trout fishing. I'm sure you all have had that experience.

We finish the day up with 150 trout caught and released. We stopped at 150 because it was getting late and we had to get out of the Gorge. We didn't know exactly how far we had go and didn't want to get stuck in there after dark. We rock hopped over many beautiful pools on our way out before finding an exit point. We could have easily caught another 50 trout, if we knew where we were. What a day!

Written by David Simpson
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