Bluegill on the Fly

Posted in Fly Fishing Reports.


I met up with a friend of mine who doesn't get to fly fish much, but had a new fly rod and wanted to try it I did the obvious thing and took him fishing to my local Bass and Bluegill pond to try out the new fly rod. We headed out in the pontoons for a full day of fishing. We met up at the local choke & puke breakfast joint and ate a full artery clogging concoction of eggs, pancakes, bacon, home fries, and other goodies before we headed off to the pond. I told him I would wear half those calories off before we hit the water. I had 2 pontoons that needed pumped up, the frames put on and ratcheted down plus set up all the gear for the day.

We finally arrived after an hours drive and got the toons pumped up and the frames on and all the gear set up. We were ready for launch of the toons. I eased him in the water first...mind ya my buddy is about 6'2" and 290# so he's a big boy and easing him in the water is like easing in the titanic but we got him launched and after a few tips on rowing the pontoon he was on his way. We eased over across the pond and started casting. I was kind of alarmed that in 3 casts I didn't get a bluegill on right away, especially since I know where they station up at. It was a full moon cycle and they should be primed and bedding. I finally got one on the line and took the skunk off. I rowed over to him to see how he was doing and he caught 2 bluegill already on the spinning rod. Things were starting to look up. He finally geared up the fly rod and casted right in a bedding area and...WHAM...FISH ON! He hooked into a nice sized bluegill and bent that 5wt rod over and the smile was on his face then.

We fished that area some more and then the bite turned off for a while. So my buddy put on a plastic worm and went to bait casting for some bass. I turned to look & see how he was doing & I see he is ready to set the hook hard with his fishing rod, kinda that Bill Dance look to it. I assume he must have a bass on the end of his line. So he sets the hook and I said, "Oh looks like you got a little bass on there" about that time a huge bass shot straight up out of the water and it was every bit of 27+" and my mouth fell open. He was yelling with excitement when he saw that thing leap out of the water. It went under his pontoon and he thought he lost it as I was rowing over to him. He thought it got hung on his anchor rope and was gone. Luckily it untangled it's self from the rope and the fight was on again. He finally landed it and brought it to hand with the biggest grin on his face. He said that was the biggest bass he had ever caught......the trip was a life time success in my book from that moment on.

We fished on till about 6pm catching bream, crappie, bass, even a warmouth. I almost had a little gar on but he kept nipping and not taking a full bite. He swam close to the pontoon chasing what was on the end of my line, but he would not take the mouthful so I could catch him. Maybe next time he will take the full chomp.

I had a blast as always and will be back again soon....I think I won my buddy over with this pond and he is looking forward to heading back as much as me. What more could you ask for in a day of fishing, bend rods, big fish, and a beautiful day with a pond all to our is good.