Fly Fishing South Holston River

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I wanted to wade the South Holston River and fish for some brown trout so I called a buddy and he had a free day to get out and fish some. So I packed up for the trip and heaed out on a Tuesday morning and got up there around noon time. I was going to hit a wild stream till I could meet up with my buddy after he got done doing a trip that day. I went up towards

I ended up seeing a friend up there going down the road while I was searching to fish a wild stream. I backed up and caught up with him and chatted for a good while. We talked so long I was out of time to fish so I headed towards my buddys house and hooked up with him to see what our plan was for tomorrow for fishing the Holston. He had several spots he wanted to hit and gave me a layout of the bugs we would be throwing.

We woke up Wednesday and had some good old Mc Donalds breakfast and coffee and hit the road to our first putin area where he wanted to wade. So we climbed down the giant hill and proceeded to fish a good riffle. I had to good hook ups and broke off 2 good fish, my hook-set was a little over the top and I kept breaking them off, I guess I was just pumped....after a few word from my buddy to lighten up a bit on that Bill Dance hook-set there, I finally brought my first trout to hand. It was a nice sized brown that pulled like a bulldozer.

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We caught a few more out of that hole and proceeded to move up stream to a better hole. Being as it was a Wednesday we thought no one would be on this secluded section of the river....WRONG...there were 6 other fisherman on this stretch and they all were converged on the good hole. So we proceeded further up stream. We went about a hundred yards up further and got into some good dry fly fishing. This is where I met up with some BIG trout. These fish were so big and were so strong I broke several off after a few minutes of fighting. What fun it was though. We finally landed a nice sized one and then here came all the fisherman from the other hole trying to swoop down on this hole after they saw how good it was producing. We decided to head to another area of the river to loose the crowd. We fished several more spots till about 7PM and with the sun going down and me having to drive 3 hours back to the house, I decided it was time to pack it up. I had a blast as always and will be back again soon....we are thinking of some smallie action around that area coming this summer.