Fly Fishing Upper Creek Falls Pisgah NF

Fly Fishing Upper Creek Falls Pisgah

Went on a little trip fly fishing the Upper Creek Falls in the Pisgah Nation Forest. Upper Creek holds some nice deep water for wild trout. We had a good time being back up on that stream, exploring around and seeing some pretty scenery. The hike in to Upper Creek Falls is short, but we hiked further back up into that creek. We fly fished about 1.5 mile of Upper Creek and it is pretty steep with a LOT of rock hopping going on. There is a path that is further up the hill, but I decided we would just go straight up Upper Creek in the water. Some areas had a more rocky terrain than others, but it is Pisgah Nation Forest so be prepared for steep climbs and rock hopping to catch these trout. 

I caught a good number of Brown trout, and my son had a blast exploring the area. There was a decent bug hatch going on and the water was warming up as the sun came up. This stream is a favorite spot in this area, it also is a destination for people in the summer who love to swim. It gets lots of foot traffic because it's a short walk to the swimming hole. So the further you go back up this stream the better off you are. This stream holds some breath taking scenery, some times you just need to put the fly rod down and take it all in.

We hit several pools on our way casting and shoot photos as we went. I fished all day till the sun was starting to go down. We headed back and heard voices as we approached the swimming hole. As we drew closer to Upper Creek Falls swimming hole, we saw tons of people. Earlier in the morning we had the big pool all to ourselves. Now there was at least 20 people swinging on the rope swing and yelling and screaming and having fun. We were a bit tired by then after tracking through the stream all day, but satisfied none the less.