Hunt Fish Falls Trip

Posted in Fly Fishing Reports.


Fished Lost Cove creek at Hunt Fish Falls--for some wild trout. I started at the falls area and fished there for a few minutes. A local guy I met named Jason told me he hadn't seen any top feeding going while he was there. And prescribed a nymph fished off the bottom. I fished a few nymphs off the bottom with a few tags at it from some small fish. But they weren't attacking it all that great. So I put on a dry fly that was a Yellow Sally imitation. They started nailing that thing left and right. I hooked a nice brown on the back of a pool, unfortunately my wife was 200 yards away with the camera taking pictures of our boy. Seems the camera is never around when you need it. It was more of the family outing with a bit of fishing more than a hard core fishing trip so I only fished a couple of close pools around Hunt Fish Falls.

I fished further up above the falls about 1/2 a mile and there was hardly any fish above in that area. I was mostly searching out some primitive campsites further up while fishing. The area below the falls down stream fishes good I know. I hadn't fished any further up stream than the 1/2 mile I did this day so it maybe better way further up not sure but since the section all below the falls fishes good I usually stick with that. Hope to go camping soon up there and seek out some areas further up stream towards the headwaters.