The Ichthus Adventures

Posted in Fly Fishing Reports.


Well, my son and I hit some wild mountain streams for some fishing up in NC mountains. We had a good time being back up there, exploring around and seeing some pretty scenery. The hike in is about 1 mile and is pretty steep with a LOT of rock hopping going on. There is a path that is further up the hill, but I decided we would just go straight up stream in the water. Some areas were tougher than others. I caught a good number of trout, and my son had a blast exploring the area. He made a few videos and took several of the pictures you see. He seems to have quite a talent at pictures, but his video is like a 90 year old lady in a wind storm....shaky to say the least as you will see. I fished all day, and we finally headed back when we started to hear voices in the woods. As we came back, we saw tons of people back in the swimming hole we had all to ourselves earlier in the morning. Now there was at least 20 people swinging on the rope swing and yelling and screaming and having fun. We were a bit tired by then after tracking through the stream all day, but satisfied none the less.

Click here for a video