Wilkes County NC Trout Streams

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  • Use barbless hooks. If you use a net, use one made of rubber. It is less harmful to fish scales, gills and eyes. Only net your fish if it is the only way to control it.
  • Wet your hands when handling fish. Dry hands and gloves will remove its protective mucous (slime) coating and scales. These protective layers help prevent infection by waterborne disease. Do not beach a fish or let it flop around the deck of the boat.
  • Try not to remove the fish from the water. If you must, be quick and gentle, do not squeeze the fish. Needle nose pliers, hemostats, de-hookers etc., will speed up the removal of a deep set hook.
  • To revive the fish, hold it under the belly and by the tail, keep it in an upright position underwater, do not move the fish back and forth (this is also a good time to get a measurement and take a photo). If you are fishing in a river or stream, hold the fish facing the current. Be patient and give the fish as much time as it needs to recover and swim away on its own.


36.3698, -81.0663 East Prong Roaring River- Lower state park boundry to brewer's mill on SR 1943

36.3707, -81.1232 Middle Prong Roaring River- Headwaters to second bridge on SR 1736

36.3807, -81.1983 Pike Creek Pond

36.3830, -81.1738 Bell Branch Pond

36.3692, -81.1614 Boundary Line Pond

36.3807, -81.1995 Pike Creek

36.2927, -81.3216 Middle Fork Reddies River- Headwaters to bridge on SR 1580

36.2598, -81.3127 South Fork Reddies River- Headwaters to confluence with middle fork reddies river

36.3041, -81.2726 North Fork Reddies River- Headwaters to union school bridge on SR 1559

36.3054, -81.2901 Darnell Creek-North Prong Reddies River- Downstream ford on SR 1569 to confluence with north fork reddies

36.1923, -81.4186 South Prong Lewis Fork- Headwaters to Lew2is fork baptist church


36.3972, -81.0637 East Prong Roaring River (mouth of Bullhead Creek downstream to Stone Mountain State Park boundary line)

36.3987, -81.0532 Stone Mountain Creek (from falls at Alleghany County line to confluence with East Fork Reddies River and Bullhead Creek)

36.1624,-81.1576 Reddies River (Town of North Wilkesboro water intake dam to confluence with Yadkin River)

Wild Trout

36.3807, -81.0391 Big Sandy Creek- Portion on stone mtns. park

36.3888, -81.0720 Garden Creek- Portion on stone mtns. park

36.3980, -81.0691 Widow Creek- Portion on stone mtns. park

C&R Fly Fish Only

36.3984, -81.0618 Bullhead Creek-Stone Mountain State Park

C&R Artificial Lures Only

36.3944, -81.1167 Harris Creek-Portion on stone mtn park